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Effective listeners are rare and highly regarded assets to any organization and relationship. They not only hear what the speaker says,but also use cognitive, visual, and interpretive skills to engage with the speaker on multiple levels, interperting both spoken and unspoken messages.Because there are many factors involved in verbal communications, effective listeners sustain focus, objectivity, and keen observation. At the same time, they demonstate genuine respect for the speaker and interest in what the speaker has to say.
Often a speaker's postures,gestures,and features communicate more than his or her words. By observing body lanuage,facial expressions,and speech patterns (volume and inflection, rate of speech, word choices,and continuity of thought) the effective listener grasps both the content and the context of what is said,allowing for more accurate interpretation. The listener focuses on the speaker, sets aside preconceived notions and personal biases,and makes no assumptions about the speaker's
intent.The good listener carefully follows the speaker.resisting the tendency to dwell on particular points,formulate responses,or daydream.

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I appreciate these comments. What speaks to me most is the following phrase, "they demonstate genuine respect for the speaker and interest in what the speaker has to say." Although I may not be interested in what the speaker may be saying, I certainly can give him respect, and in fact honor, what he or she has to say.


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