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Kevin Trudeau... Do you know who he is?

Kevin Trudeau Is In Jail

He has been in jail for well over the past year.  Does it matter to you why?

Perhaps, it does and you can research the reason on Google or on…


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GIVE, GET MORE BACK... The DubLi Partner Program

The DubLi Partner Program offers a powerful means for organizations to give

to their clients, customers, staffs and other stakeholders a Cash benefit and at

the same time receive a Cash benefit for themselves and more.

How is that possible?  It's a phenomenon where, …


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WOW! This Came At No Better Time For Me

I want to share a facebook post in its entirety from Kevin Trudeau.

I read it at a time that I was contemplating whether to go to a business event.   I was questioning myself whether is was the right decision to go.  I was initially leaning toward going.   After reading Kevin's post, I am clear, I am not going.

My decision not to go is not that there is anything wrong with the particular event, its sponsors or speakers.  The decision not to go is simply, I am not…


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Biases Are The Stories We Make Up About People

They Are The Stories We Make Up Before We Know Who They Actually Are.

That paraphrases Verna Myers' definition of bias in her Ted Talk Below.

Ms. Myers' fundamental premise in resolving the adverse, prejudicial and worse

treatment of people who
do not look like us is a need for us to look within and be

willing to…


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Paying It Forward... Are You A Meme?

What Is A Meme, Anyway? defines it as "a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication in a

manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes. A cultural item in the form of an

image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or

humorous way.

Jason Silva defines himself as meme.

And what an…


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Police Officer... Don't They Have To Take An Oath

I did a Google search for Police Officer Oath?.

The first two findings that came up were from the International Association of Chiefs of Police that recommends a Law Enforcement Oath of Honor for police…


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Why Are We Protesting... Will It Make A Difference?

I have to be honest.

It was a large part of my good friend wearing the American flag that woke me up to the continuing need for peaceful protests and expression.

Folks pay attention and other Folks are able to release the tension they have couped up within themselves when their freedom is challenged and they are frustrated with what their view of the ills of society and their fellow human beings…


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Ebenezer Scrooge... "Bah," said Scrooge, "Humbug." — Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol)


This holiday season and for ever you are done.

We are getting Cash Back from the biggest and most respected stores not only in this country but all over the world.

And, there ain't a thing you can do about…


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WUKAR... Is off the launch pad (Making A Difference)

Wildly Anticipated WUKAR Is Off The Pad.

Never before has a group of multimillionaire online and offline marketers come together to help everyone, from newbie to seasoned business people, help them to build THEIR business.

Watch this video of the launch PARTY that occurred last month in San Diego.…


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Humans 2.0 (The Quantified Self Revolution)... Race Gone

Humans 2.0

In my last two posts I suggested a conversation, that being a comprehensive and all-inclusive conversation was needed to resolve race relations in this country and beyond.  Perhaps, The Quantified Self Revolution will do it for us instead.

Can it be that new technologies of…


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I Wrote The President Last Night

President Barack Obama                                                                 December 2, 2014

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500



Mr. President,…


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Race Gone... Right Along With Racism And Racist(s).

Ah, I know most people believe it's not possible

To the extent people feel that way, they are 100% correct.

Believing we can't be done with it, at least in a social context, is the only factor preventing the possibility of ridding society's ills related to "race," "racism" and "racists." (…


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Black Killings By Police... What's the source?

"What is it that has or would have police disproportionally treating "Black" people unfairly and worse (killing them) and not other groups generally labeled "minority;" e.g. immigrants or other groups labeled other than "White?"

Can you answer that question?  (Comment Below)

I do not have an…


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One Stop Shopping... And, What the Geeks Are Saying About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Wow, even the most price conscious person on earth may not want to

read everything the Geeks
are saying about shopping on Black Friday

and Cyber Monday.  (See Article HERE)

First, they give a crash course on…


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Money and "Race"... My Two Books Arrived Today

So my two books arrived today in the mail after ordering them online from Barnes and Noble

through my shopping portal at and for each I received

11.2% Cash Back.  

The two books are Courageous Conversations about Race, "A Field Guide For Achieving Equity

In Schools
" by Glenn E. Singleton and…


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Are You the Average Thanksgiving Consumer?

That is the title of an artitcle in the Huff Post Business today by Ishani Banerji,

Ph.D. Research Director, Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research.

In her article she finds: "...more and more people will be doing more and

more of their shopping…


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Cheap Online Shopping... Without Sacrificing Quality, Fashion or Service

Cheap Online Shopping;

That is right, Colossal Cash Back Every week and you do not sacrifice quality, fashion or service because you continue to shop at most, if not all, of the stores you are already shopping.

Do your cheap online shopping from the beach, from your home or in the mountains.  Oh, you do have to have an Internet…


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WUKAR Online Marketers "Crushing It" (DubLi)

DubLi Is One Of The Largest Online Shopping Portals In The World And A Group of Online Marketers In Less Than Four Months Have Become The Fastest Growing Team In A Eleven Year Old Company.

People sign up for …


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I AM Not Going To Declare MDTN Dead, however (DubLi Testimonial)

I have promoted the Million Dollar Television Network (MDTN) over the past ten months and for the last 4 months it has been stalled and there has been no word from its founder as to its future although the business remains a valuable proposition.

I offering a new proposition of equal if not expanded value.  I have met and spoken with Michael…


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Race... Let It Go, Give It Up (Repost from Empower Network Blog)

Race, A Socialy Constructed Term Has Outlived Its Relevancy

That is if it ever had any legitimate relavancy in the first place.  By the way, that would in turn eliminate the word racism as well.

The following are comments I have publicly made primarily online in various forums and social media sites.  There is some…


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